Saturday, May 23, 2015

me-time in montreal

When they found out that I was going to Canada, many of my officemates urged me to take a side trip to Montreal. All I know of the place is that it's where my childhood idol gymnast Nadia Comaneci scored the first ever perfect 10 in the Olympics hehe. But they spoke highly of the place, stating the sights are really lovely and must not be missed.

Since it's not everyday that I'd get a chance to visit Canada, I decided to take their advice and go for it, immediately making arrangements for a solo overnight trip.

Exhaustion started to set in as I got on the plane that would take me from Toronto to Montreal. The past few days, beginning from the long haul flight, to the whirlwind of activities, were beginning to take their toll on me. When I got to the hotel, I was tempted to just stay in and doze off.

But the thought that I was going to be in Montreal for only 24 hours prompted me to get up and start exploring. And boy did I love it! The sights, the vibe, and how I would be addressed as "mademoiselle" hihihi.

One of the highlights of the trip was getting to meet Tito Lits in person for the first time. We have been online friends through our blogs for the longest time - close to ten years, I think, as in pre-Facebook! Despite the short notice, he and his wife Tita Nil granted my invitation to meet up and they took me around old Montreal, then we went for some drinks.

The next day, I went on a half day tour, with a Chinese immigrant named Alex taking me to the popular spots in the place he's called home for the past three years. He was good company and it was nice listening to his stories - the ones about his personal journey more than the tourist spots, honestly. I regret not having taken a photo with him.

I did take lots of photos of the spots he took me to, which were all as lovely as my officemates promised they'd be.

It may have been a short trip but definitely a memorable one :)