Sunday, February 5, 2017

bangkok day 3: culture and kinokuniya

One thing Reyna and I agreed on in planning this trip was that we wouldn't be visiting any temple, as we have both explored those during our earlier visits. But we still managed to get a dose of culture when we visited the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) on our third day and last day. It was an ideal stop because not only did it promise to offer a wide variety of artworks depicting local culture, it was also conveniently located, just one BTS Skytrain stop away. It was raining, but there was a walkway from the train stop all the way to BACC.

I thought the building was very nice, especially with that circular atrium in the middle.

They actually have lockers where you can leave your things, so that you won't have to lug around your bags while exploring all nine floors. The main galleries are located at the 7th, 8th, and 9th floors. I definitely enjoyed the photos showing how Bangkok used to look before all the modern developments.

There are also shops where you can buy books, accessories, and souvenirs such as shirts, aprons, etc.

The best part about BACC is that entrance is free, so you can enjoy all those without spending a single centavo.

After that, we headed to the mall to check out some books at Kinokuniya. It's always such fun to visit this place, with the wide range of titles they have. I got a few books, then we we went back to the hotel to finish packing and check out. We thought it would be best to go to the airport early, as the rains might mess up the traffic again and cause us to miss our flight.

That was one fun trip and I'm definitely happy about the chance to visit Thailand again. It was one of the first countries I've ever been to since I got myself a passport, and it's definitely special to me.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

look who's cooking!

Okay, I don't actually have a photo that you can look at, but the answer is me! I've been cooking!

Those who know me understand how this is quite a big deal. I've never been comfortable in the kitchen, and only know to do the most basic things like fry eggs, fry bacon, fry hotdogs... you get the drift. I did try some years ago to go beyond frying, but I just wasn't into it that much.

And then, Buzzfeed Tasty came along.

I randomly encountered a Buzzfeed Tasty post on Instagram - you know, those sped-up videos where they show the entire process of cooking a dish. Seeing the entire process done in just a minute somehow convinced me that cooking was actually quite easy. The "even I can do it" kind of easy. Of course, I understood that in reality, preparing all the ingredients and putting them together would take much time and effort, but still, it gave me hope that cooking was not as complicated as I imagine it to be in my head.

So I tried my first dish: Grilled Citrus Salmon with Asparagus. And this is how it turned out:

It turned out really good, if I do say so myself! As in masarap! I packed some for Michael to have for lunch at work, and I got so kilig when he texted me to compliment my cooking hahaha. 

Here's another one I cooked, which also turned out quite well: Pesto Chicken and Veggies.

Garlic Chicken and Veggie Pasta:

Meatballs with Caprese Salad:

This here's a bad photo, but this is one of my favorites: Lemon Pepper Shrimp with Broccoli for Michael and I, then Popcorn Shrimp for Sloan's baon. The little boy LOVED it.

I am still not over the fact that I cooked all these. Or that I'm cooking at all! These days I actually linger in the spice section of the supermarket, and am finding it quite exciting to plan menus. Ako ba 'to??? Lololol.

But the best part about all of this is that I no longer eat mindlessly. Before, I usually just settle for what we have in our lunch room, where it's a hit or miss if the meal will satisfy me; or I go out and buy from a nearby fastfood or resto, where I often end up overspending. I sure hope I can keep this up. Of course, every now and then, I will still go for the lunchroom or eat out, but at least that would be lessened now. Also, I like that I have a wider variety of baon options for Sloan.

Me, cooking. Whowouldathunk! Buzzfeed Tasty, you're my hero!