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sloan is seven!

Seven! Sloan is seven years old! Man, time sure flew by quickly. I can't believe my baby is now this big - like literally, he's up to my chin already lol. And in the weeks leading up to his birthday, he marked a lot of milestones - he started bathing by himself, he lost a baby tooth for the first time, he learned how to ride a bike, and, well, he got chicken pox haha. It's been a treat watching him grow and thrive, but at the same time, I find myself wanting to go back to those days he was a still a tiny baby that I could carry in my arms.


Okay, enough with the mushy, sentimental stuff lol. I've always envisioned throwing a big birthday bash for Sloan's 7th birthday. We don't really do big parties and usually just have a day out with family on special occasions, but since it was a milestone birthday, not to mention I got quite, uhm, inspired (lol) by all the big parties I see people throw, I thought we could veer away from the usual. Sloan, however, was…

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