sloan is seven!

Seven! Sloan is seven years old! Man, time sure flew by quickly. I can't believe my baby is now this big - like literally, he's up to my chin already lol. And in the weeks leading up to his birthday, he marked a lot of milestones - he started bathing by himself, he lost a baby tooth for the first time, he learned how to ride a bike, and, well, he got chicken pox haha. It's been a treat watching him grow and thrive, but at the same time, I find myself wanting to go back to those days he was a still a tiny baby that I could carry in my arms.


Okay, enough with the mushy, sentimental stuff lol. I've always envisioned throwing a big birthday bash for Sloan's 7th birthday. We don't really do big parties and usually just have a day out with family on special occasions, but since it was a milestone birthday, not to mention I got quite, uhm, inspired (lol) by all the big parties I see people throw, I thought we could veer away from the usual. Sloan, however, was…

vlog: coastal cleanup volunteer activity

"Legit na coastal cleanup, 'to." That was what Sun Life Foundation Kristin Millete had to say after catching sight of the shore at the Las Pinas-Paranaque Critical Habitat and Ecosystem Area, which was the venue of the volunteer activity that afternoon. I cannot help but agree with, because the amount of trash we saw was quite overwhelming. Our mission was to conduct a coastal cleanup, but it was easy to see that while we can collect a good amount of trash between us volunteers and within the allocated time of one hour, it was simply impossible to clean everything up in one go.

It was disheartening to see the view. The place is actually beautiful, but the trash just ruins everything. I imagine these come from those who live in shanties on the water, those who hang out by the breakwaters, or those in the nearby shopping and entertainment complex who carelessly dispose their trash, and the waters sweep it to the shore. Like they say, "basurang itinapon mo, babalik din…

hong kong day 2: scares, strolls, science, and shopping

Day 2 in Hong Kong started off with a scare, as Michael and I were woken up by a shivering Sloan. The boy was fast asleep, but his body was shaking non-stop that it freaked me out! We checked to see if he had fever, but he didn't - thankfully. We turned off the air-con and covered him with a blanket, and the shivering stopped after a while. After waiting for a bit to see if the shivering would recur, and convinced that all was well, we finally went back to sleep.

...only to be woken up just a few minutes later by Sloan, who was all too excited to get on with the holiday activities. Lokong bata, walang kamalay-malay kung pa'no kami na-stress sa kanya! Lol. That prompted an early start to our day and had us looking for a breakfast place.

We ended up at Cafe de Coral, where we joined the early risers of Hong Kong in welcoming the day with a serving of eggs, bacon, and bread.
The Kowloon Park was nearby so we hauled off our un-showered selves there after finishing our meal. I love…

vlog: asia pop comic con 2017

It was a comic con weekend! The Asia Pop Comic Con, to be specific. It was held at the SMX Convention Center in the MOA compound in Pasay City. Michael and I initially planned on going by ourselves, since it was a long weekend and Sloan wanted to go to Laguna for a quick vacation with his cousins. But there was an impending typhoon, and we didn't want Sloan to be away from us with the inclement weather and all, so the Laguna plan didn't push through.

As it turned out, it was all sunshine and warmth come Saturday lololol. Since Mike had to attend the comic con for work, we decided to push through with it and just bring Sloan with us. We were excited for him because we knew it was going to be fun, but a wee bit bummed for us because we wouldn't be able to check out the talks we wanted to attend and go at our own pace lol.

And that's exactly what happened! Of course, we'd go wherever Sloan wanted to go. I would let Mike go around by himself so he could work in peace,…

hong kong part 1: settling in and freezing at the peak

One of the things I love about my workplace is how the people I work with are very much into traveling. I don't really get to do it as much as I used to now that Michael and I have other priorities, but being around my workmates always reminds me of how much I love seeing different places. It was, in fact, one of my bosses who led me to booking that trip to Hong Kong late last year. His travel agent had a good deal for flights, he shared it with me, and I immediately made the necessary payments. That was way back in June, and while the trip wasn't until late November, it was exciting to have had something to look forward to.

On the day of our flight, we made sure to be at the airport really early. Traffic gets really crazy and since it was around the holiday season, you just never know what could happen. Better to be safe than sorry. We had to wait quite a bit, but I'd rather have that than being stuck in the middle of traffic, getting a heart attack over the possibility o…