Friday, February 12, 2016

joy in the ordinary

It's not a very clear photo, but that is Sloan cradling the note I left for him and Michael when I left early for work. Written on a bond paper in blue marker, it's just a simple note that read, "Hello Daddy and Sloan! Have a nice day! I love you!" I taped it on the TV just before leaving.

Mike says Sloan saw it upon waking up, and that as he read it, a smile slowly crept across his face. Then he kissed the note, took it from the TV, sat on the couch, then hugged and kissed it again! Haha how cute is that? He told his dad that he likes "getting mail" from me because he misses me.

*heart melts, eyes watery*

Just like most parents, I struggle with juggling my time, and I feel bad because I don't think I spend as much time with Sloan as needed. I constantly try to find ways to make up for it, and writing him notes is one of the ways I do that.

I could go on and on about the things I need to make time for, but the point of this post is this: I love how my son knows how to appreciate the little things. He loves it when Michael and I take him to school, he gets excited when playing the "rough" games with his dad, and he appreciates simple notes that I leave for him to read. I am thankful he is that way, and I wish he'd remain so until he grows up - that he'd find joy even in the ordinary.