Thursday, April 2, 2015


I lost a dear friend recently.

It was all so sudden, and until now, it all feels surreal. I’m still expecting to see her happy Instagram posts pop up on my feed, and I’m still looking forward to our lunch date with Annej that got postponed just a few days before she was hospitalized.    

Jeosara, or Jeje, was the true definition of a supportive friend. Any endeavor that any of her friends had, she was right there cheering us on, believing we can do great things - often, much more than we believed ourselves. When I started doing crafts, she never missed the opportunity to tell me that I was talented. I gifted her with a papercut for her birthday last year, and she proudly displayed it on her desk at work. I was over the moon, because I felt my work was amateurish, that I almost didn’t give it to her.

Jeje loved to laugh, and that was one of the reasons why hanging out with her was always, always a blast. One of my favorite memories with her was, back when I was still a DJ, playing those cheesy OPM songs we both loved and dedicating those to her. We’d laugh so much about how “corny” we were! And even when we weren’t hanging out that much anymore, she would still crack me up with her Instagram posts.
But the thing I loved the most about her is how she didn’t love just me, but also my family – especially my son Sloan. She would dote on him whenever she saw him. I remember how, when I told Sloan that Tita Jeje was at the hospital, he wanted to go visit her too, saying he hadn’t seen her in such a long time already.

After she passed, her family and friends gathered for a “send-off party” where we shared our fondest memories of her. One of the amazing things about Jeje is that she has so many circles of friends - she was that awesome; but what’s even more amazing is that she managed to make each one of us like such superstars. The stories of her being a caring and supportive friend were consistent in all the sharings that day at Dome in Shangri La, her favorite hang-out.

I hope that somehow, we were also able to make her feel that way when she was still with us.

We miss you mare. Thank you for all the good times, and for being there when things were tough. Our time together was short, but we're still so lucky to have had you for a while.