Sunday, October 18, 2015

sloan turns 5

Our little boy wonder has been quite busy
Taking on one adventure after another excitedly
He’s grown so much and we can’t help but marvel
Wasn’t it just yesterday when he was still so little?

Swimming lessons, park trips, and bike rides
Fearlessly parasailing for the first time (!)
Traveling to nearby cities and a new country
Zooming on to K2 right after nursery

He loves making up his own songs and dancing
He’s one kind-hearted kid who enjoys laughing
Now he’s expressing himself more, and has opinions
We do our best to answer his every single question

As he turns five, his own personality is shining through
All we can say is, “Sloan, we couldn’t be prouder of you!”

Saturday, September 5, 2015

checking in

So where do I start? The past few months have been such a whirlwind that I don't know where to begin. I will admit that I went through a bit of a funk and had been feeling quite sad... over nothing, really. I think I was just being a brat because things weren't going exactly the way I wanted them to. Thankfully, I managed to shake it off in a short time, because hello! There are so many happy things happening in my life, and I don't want to be that ungrateful witch who's always going on about the glass being half-empty.

With that, let me list down some of the highlights of the past few weeks. For starters, we flew to Cebu! This was actually a work trip for me - I was part of the team that was sent down South to help out with the activities in line with our company's sponsorship of the Ironman 70.3 triathlon race. I was so excited when they told me that Michael and Sloan were welcome to tag along (we shouldered our expenses of course).


While I worked, Michael and Sloan enjoyed Shangri-La Mactan's awesome facilities. And, whenever I could, I'd also join them in the pool area which Sloan fell totally head over heels in love with! (I'll write more about the place in my new blog with Michael called "He Finds, She Finds")

Such an awesome trip! And as always, a delight to support our own Sun Life Tri Team. It was a challenge covering the race and making sure we post real-time updates, but it was fun nonetheless.

Then there's the family day at Sloan's school. Can you guess what our team color was???

Lol. It was fun seeing Sloan get all psyched up about this. My sister Lycel, who manages an international pre-school, said that seeing their parents participate in school activities really make kids all giddy and happy. I'm glad we were able to do this for Sloan. It was worth the effort of staying up late preparing fruit kabobs, and the back pains that came after participating in the parlor games! Hashtag tander-cats lol.

Meawhile, on the work end... well I've been around Piolo Pascual a lot these days. What luck right! Haha. Soon after the Ironman, we held a special screening of his indie film Silong for the employees. I was so kilig because upon entering the cinema, Piolo spotted me and came in for a beso. Medyo na-conscious lang ako kasi kakatapos ko lang lumafang ng frankfurter sandwich na sandamakmak ang keso, salsa, at jalapeno - baka ang waley ng hininga ko hahaha.

Then our team headed to Pampanga to hold a presscon and mount a Freedom Celebration as part of our #LiveFreePH movement led by Piolo and son Inigo Pascual. It made me really happy to host the concert at the SM Pampanga Ampitheater. It felt just like old times, when I'd make the rounds of mall shows hosting for whoever had an album or a show to promote. Glad to know I haven't lost the skill, even if I don't do this as much as I used to.


You know what else I don't do as much anymore? Voice radio commercials. But the happy news is that I actually have two that's currently airing! One for Jollibee and another for Neozep. Kiliiiiig.

So there. Lotsa awesome things in there right? Ano nga ba ang ine-emote ko? Waley, arte-arte lang! Hahaha. It's my birthday month, dapat good vibes! Save for a dinner date with Mike, I don't really have anything planned; but it's a good time to step back and just soak it all in, be happy and all that jazz. Plus. Ber months na, so malapit na Pasko. Merry Christmas!