Saturday, April 19, 2014

favorite faces

I remember writing several years ago in my old blog about how I find Rosamund Pike and Emily Van Camp absolutely beautiful. They don't have to slather on much makeup nor wear anything spectacular for one to appreciate how pretty they are. It's like the more you stare at them, the more their beauty draws you in. Man I am such a fangirl hehehe.

It was in a James Bond movie where I first saw Rosamund, and then later on in Pride and Prejudice. As for Emily, it was in a TV series called Everwood in the not-so-popular Channel 9, which was my go-to channel when I didn't have cable yet.

Both girls are such big stars now. Emily plays lead in the hit show Revenge, which I have not been able to follow, but am planning to catch up on that soon. She also played an important role in the latest Captain America movie, and I'm guessing she will be back for the next installment of the franchise.

Meanwhile, Rosamund has been doing a lot more movies, the latest of which is the movie adaptation of the book Gone Girl. I am so excited about this one, having read the book and immensely enjoying it - more so because it has David Fincher at the helm! Definitely looking forward.

To this day, these two beauties remain my girl crushes, and it makes me giddy that they are now shining brightly in Hollywood. I'm like, mahal ko na kayo noon pa man! Haha :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

travel diary: la union

We went to the beach!!!!!

Can you tell how happy I am about that? Haha! It’s been ages since I last saw the sea, and I’ve really been wanting to go so we can give Sloan a proper introduction to the beach, especially now that he’s at an age where he really enjoys the outdoors and appreciates experiences like this one.

It was still dark when we took the bus to La Union, and it took us seven hours to get to our destination: Brgy. Urbiztondo in the town of San Juan. We were pretty anxious about how Sloan would take to the long bus ride, but he was such a trooper. Mike and I are so proud!

We stayed at Flotsam and Jetsam, a lovely, hip hostel which was recommended by Dai. The place had such nice decorations and the crafter in me was so happy with all the vibrant colors, the DIY stuff, and the re-purposed furniture!

Our room, the Sea Suite, was clean and dainty.

Swimming in the hostel’s beach area isn’t allowed though, because apparently the current’s really strong. We had to walk a few minutes to the swim and surf area.

When we got there, Sloan immediately took to the water.

Meanwhile, Mike took surfing lessons – and crossed an item off his bucket list.

We had dinner at the hostel and their Margherita Pizza, Truffle Fries, and Fried Chicken are highly recommended. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it was really, really good. I'm actually wishing I could have some right now. That pizza, especially!

FlotJet attracts mostly young people, and I was a little worried that the bar area, which was pretty near our room, would be noisy and keep us up at night. But we slept soundly, and if there was a party happening at the bar, the noise didn’t make its way to our room, thankfully.

The morning after, we hit the water again before our noontime check out.

We had such a great time and I’m really thankful we got to go on this vacation. It was a pretty short one, just an overnight stay mainly because everything else was fully booked for the weekend and we were actually lucky that we were able to get a room even just one night, considering this was a last minute thing. But what's important is that we were able to maximize it. I’m pretty sure we will be back :) Here's to more adventures for our little family!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Sometime last March, I attended a papercutting workshop conducted by Mansy Abesamis of Hey Kessy. It was really fun getting to try something new that’s somewhat connected to my current crafting obsession.

The class was held in vegetarian restaurant Pipino in Makati, and there were about 15-20 of us. It was great being among people who are also into creative projects – some are really into the arts, while others are crafting newbies who would like to add learn a new skill, just like me.

Mansy gave us some worksheets to practice on, before working on our own design. The workshop was fun, although practicing by myself at home, I find myself wishing there had been more tips on coming up with a design. This is the part that, as I will later discover, is really challenging, more than the cutting itself. Making sure that the design has enough to hold the piece together can be quite tricky, lest you end up with separate pieces. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m not much of an artist who can draw by hand. My final piece looked really kiddie next to the awesome creations of some of my classmates hehe.

My work is very easy to spot, yes? Hehe :)

Here are some of the other stuff I’ve done so far:



Clockwise from top left: 1) This is my current favorite phrase. Lettering is one of my favorite things to do. 2) A letter J for my friend Jeje, who recently celebrated her birthday. I was honestly had second thoughts about giving it to her, because it’s pretty amateurish hehe. But she loved it and I am so happy about that! 3) With a few drawings - of course I stuck to things I know well, like the tree and bahay kubo hehehe. 4) M is for Michael! 

I think I’m slowly figuring out my own style in papercuts, but I have to polish it a bit more. Whenever I check out the hashtag on Instagram, man I get so insecure with what expert cutters could do! Sobrang gaganda!

I certainly need moooore practice, but I trust I can figure it out. Let me get some new blades first :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

type kita

I've been a fan of the brand Popjunklove ever since I came across their works in a store at Powerplant Mall. It was a plush doll of Finn from Adventure Time, which we bought for Sloan when he turned two a year ago. I followed their page on Facebook, and was delighted to find out that Popjunklove is the brainchild of two sisters, Roma and Maan Agsalud, who are young and creative entrepreneurs.

Their brand has grown much since then and recently, they ventured into organizing the first country's first ever typography exhibit. Dubbed "Type Kita," the event was held at 10-A Alabama, which is favorite venue for arts and crafts events.

It was a two-day event and I was able to check out Day One. The first thing I checked out when I got there? This:

Hehe :) Please don't judge! I came from Makati and haven't had lunch yet. I was so dizzy during the cab ride due to hunger, and it was made worse by the cabbie's awful driving. Good thing there was food available! Luca's Corner's Five Cheese and Garlic pizza really hit the spot.

With my tummy finally happy, I went on to check the works on display and on sale. Lots of awesome stuff!

It warmed my heart see the awesome turonout at the event. Hurray for arts and crafts and DIY! Plus, proceeds will go to survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, so yay!

Calligrapher Fozzy Castro Dayrit was giving a talk when I got there.

The crowd that was gathered around them was pretty huge and I couldn't get a good spot. So I just watched an old school artist do his thing.

In fairness, ang daming naka-pilang trabaho kay kuya :) I'm super glad his kind of work was included in the event. It's a dying art, what they do.

There were some really nice stuff on sale and I bought some to display at home. Thankfully, the prices were not very steep.

Crafters Alessa Lanot and Mansy Abesamis put up a stamping station and I got myself a set of postcards that I can design. This was really fun!

I also asked Alessa and Mansy to sign my copy of the Candy DIY Book which features their works. I wish I asked for a photo when I was still looking decent and not such a sweaty mess! Gusto kong suklayan yung sarili ko sa picture and ayusin ang t-shirt ko hahaha!

There were a lot of other activities featured like film showings, craft lessons, and a live doodling session by WeeWillDoodle. I'm pretty sure Day Two was also successful. I hope they come up more events like this. Congratulations, Popjunklove!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

steady saturday

Michael and I had the weekend to ourselves because the baby - fine, the little boy - is with his grandparents. We maximized the free time and used it to shop for supplies, clean the house, and of course, nap! Hahaha! No parent will pass up the chance to take a nap when the kids are elsewhere!

Saturday was Makati day. Mike had to attend a jiujitsu grading at KMA Fitness and Martial Arts so he can have a second stripe in his white belt, while I had a last minute voice over gig at Soundesign.

Mike dropped me off at Greenbelt, and since I had time to kill before the raket, I headed over to the Legaspi Active Park and just enjoyed the view.

We seriously need more parks.

The raket went pretty quick and the people I worked with, producer Joel and audio engineer Mox, were both very nice. 

I was all smiles when I walked out the studio :)

After that, I headed to 10-A Alabama to check out Type Kita, the first ever typography exhibit and art fair in the country organized by the lovely sisters behind Popjunklove, Roma and Maan Agsalud.

I'll have a separate entry for this. For now, suffice to say that I had a wonderful time :)

Mike and I met up when he was finally done with the grading. He passed!

We went on a ramen date to celebrate the day's achievements and overall good vibes :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

len loves crafts

Or "Len is Obsessed with Crafts" might be a more appropriate title!

I've really been into crafts lately and I'm glad I found something I really enjoy doing. Lately all my Youtube searches have been all about DIY craft ideas, bookstore hunts are Martha Stewart books, and window shopping for clothes in malls has been replaced by ogling over the materials at this small shop at the UP Diliman Shopping Center where I always try to see what pretty decor material I can produce with whatever item :D Plus, I often stay up late at night just working on a topiary or a rosette or a paper flower or something - even if I'm only doing those for myself! Now that's a huge proof of how much I'm enjoying myself right?

Part of me thinks that this crafts craze I have been in for a while now is partly because I miss the creative field. I love my job of course and am proud to say I can write decent press releases, advertorials, and AVP scripts on investments and insurance (things I didn't know anything about some months ago!) but I think right-brained me can never function without any creative project in my life.

This hobby has been put to good use lately, because I've been working with Annej with her cookie buffet set up. The latest project we worked on was something big and exciting: a feature on Myx's Wer U At! This is Annej's first TV exposure as a baker so I was really excited for her. Plus, my own work will get some air time too!


The shoot was held a few days ago at Annej's place. She baked dozens and dozens of her bestselling flavors. The Myx crew and VJ AI were very happy with the set-up, and most importantly, they loooooved the cookies! Everything in the buffet was wiped out :D

Annej's baby girl Aria waving goodbye to her new friends, the Myx crew :) The cookies have long been gone by then, as you can see in the background!
Now that I've kickstarted this hobby, I'm now looking to learn more: I'm planning to buy books, attend workshops, watch more Youtube tutorials, and work on more projects to improve my craft, have my hands get used to them, and challenge myself to see what more I can do. I don't really know what I will do with my finished products though haha :) My friend Jeosara said I should give her some paper flowers which she'll use to decorate her desk at work - I will probably take her up on that hehe. Hey, who knows, maybe someday I can find some way to earn from this too :D

I also plan to decorate our house a bit. It has occurred to me that I haven't really been paying much attention to our own place. It's comfy and all, but now I want to make it pretty! Haha :) I'll post an update once I'm able to work on that. Wish me luck!