Friday, July 17, 2015

snail mail love

One of the highlights of my trip to Canada early this year is how I got to send postcards to a lot of family and friends in different parts of the world. I originally had only three people in mind that I wanted to send snail mail to, but I guess I was really excited about being in the western hemisphere for the first time that I purchased too many postcards LOL. And so via Facebook I asked who were interested in receiving something in the mail.

To my surprise, so many people expressed interest. I had a lot of messages in my inbox and that got me so giddy! In the end, I actually had to buy more postcards. In Montreal, I purchased some from a jolly Canadian man who happily shared that he was a former pilot who used to fly to Manila a lot. It was such a pleasure chatting with him - unfortunately, we didn't get to properly introduce ourselves and so I wasn't able to get his name.

Anyways. It’s always such a suspense waiting for my postcard to make it to the intended recipient, but a few months later, the Facebook and Instagram tags/posts started coming in. Here are a few of the posts:

It sure was fun doing this! I have no trips planned just yet, but whatever my next destination will be, a stop at the post office to send postcards will definitely be a part of my itinerary.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

how do you block in real life?

"___________ has been blocked. We're sorry you had this experience." These were the words that appeared in the dialogue box that popped up, right after I blocked someone on Facebook.

A lump immediately formed in my throat and my eyes started to water. I wasn't just blocking on Facebook - I was cutting ties with someone I love, but have always had a very rocky relationship with. He has done something to break my heart yet again, and I have decided that that was the final straw.

Not that I ever expected much from him - he has proven over the years that other people's feelings aren't top priority. But if he was going to crush me again and again, then I have to do what I can to protect myself. If the simple act of blocking him on Facebook will keep me sane, then so shall it be.

I smiled defeatedly as I read what Facebook had to say. "We're sorry you had this experience." Oh Facebook, if only I could tell you all about it! But obviously I can't. I appreciate the apology though - weirdly I find it comforting. It's like someone gives a shit about the fact that I'm feeling shitty right now.

To close the dialogue box, I had to click the button that said "Okay", so I did. But I wasn't okay. If only blocking the hurt was as easy as clicking a button.