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progress report

A month after promising to "intend more, regret less," I'm happy to share that I'm making some progress, specifically on the aspect of self-care.

For starters, I'm eating somewhat healthier. I'm still cooking - woot! Hindi siya phase lang, guys! Lol. I wake up really early in the morning to prepare my and Mike's baon for work and I actually enjoy it too.  I like that I can decide early what to prepare,  and the fact that I get to save some money. Whenever I'm at work, it's always hard for me to decide what I want to eat, that I often end up unsatisfied with what I bought, not to mention I overspend as well because I buy stuff like dessert to compensate lol. Bringing my own lunch to work has definitely solved these issues. Also, my best friend Annej says this is a good way to watch what we eat because the portions are controlled.

Complementing the aforementioned is the fact that I've gotten back to exercising! Finding time to go to the gym is a…
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lucky me! curly spaghetti

I recorded another tv commercial! After voicing the Monde Baked Puto TVC, I was asked to voice one for Lucky Me! Curly Spaghetti. It was a pretty last minute project but since I was free on the schedule they gave, I immediately said yes. It's always a thrill for me to do recording projects so it wasn't very hard to convince me lol.
Especially if it's for Monde Nissin. A bit of a back story: this brand has always been so gracious with me when I was still with ABS-CBN. My radio partner Martin D and I would do ads for them back when I was still a DJ, and they'd always send us products to try. When I moved to ABS-CBN's Corporate Communications Division, I worked with them on an internal event for employees for their FaMealy Day campaign. It's a treat that I still get to work with them from time to time.
And I'm glad this one turned out okay because my throat wasn't it the best condition that time we recorded it. I had already been expecting they'd end …

vlog: sunday at the mind museum

My officemate Mai gave me a couple of gift certificates to The Mind Museum sometime last year, and we finally got around to using it  last weekend. I'd have to say it was the perfect timing, because we had to buy an extra ticket since there were three of us, and they had discounted rates that day. Moreover, a trampoline place called Bungee Bungee recently opened just beside the Mind Museum, and they were giving away free tickets for that as well.

I had been to The Mind Museum when it opened and it was nice to see that the place was still well-maintained. There were a few displays that weren't working properly, yes, but overall, the place was still in good condition. It was also nice to see that the place was quite packed on a Sunday, which means Filipinos do patronize places like this beyond the usual school field trips.

So we went around and checked out the displays. Of course, Sloan hopped from one attraction to another, so I went around with him while Michael lingered in …

intend more, regret less

It was because of Coldplay, or the fact that I didn't get to watch their concert, that I came to the realization that I have simply been going through the motions for a while now.

When I learned that the band was coming to Asia for a series of shows, I paid no attention and did not felt so moved as to try and get a ticket for the Manila show or elsewhere. Then, the night before the concert, my friend Dai texted to ask if I was interested in 2 VIP tickets at 20K a piece. She was selling them because she had decided to watch Coldplay in Taiwan instead. It was tempting, but while I had the money, I just couldn't get myself to shell out 40K on a whim.

The morning after the concert, I started seeing the videos people took and also read stories about how awesome the show was. I began to wonder why I didn't make any effort to watch the concert. Regret seeped in, and I wanted to kick myself for missing it. It wasn't that I didn't take the VIP tickets, but I could'v…

vlog: magtanim ay 'di biro

When Sun Life Foundation asked for volunteers who would like to participate in WWF's Nursery Rehabilitation Project at the Ipo watershed in Norzagaray, Bulacan, I immediately signed up and listed Michael and Sloan as well. It was definitely a worthwhile activity, not to mention a good way to expose Sloan to nature. After all, in terms of the outdoors, we're usually limited to nearby parks.

It was also fun to have him bring to life a song he sang for Linggo ng Wika in school: none other than the classic Magtanim ay 'Di Biro lololol. So here's what went down:

a books & cookies affair

Annej and I recently held a small event called "ABC (A Books and Cookies) Affair" that basically had us giving away our pre-loved books and her freshly-baked cookies all for free.

Yes, all for free!
The idea came about when Annej got inspired by how actress Emma Watson leaves books inside London trains so passengers would pick them up and, basically, read.
Annej wanted to come up with a similar project and I readily agreed. I usually leave my pre-loved books at the Little Free Library in UP Town Center, but I sometimes worry that they end up with resellers instead of people who actually love to read. It would definitely be nice to have an event where I can get to meet fellow bookworms who would adopt my books.
Between Annej and I, we had a lot of books that we could give away, and Michael and my officemate Mika also donated a few books as well. Then we thought we'd also give away samples of Annej's Cookies, Please goodies. Feeling Santa lang kami LOL.
We wanted to hold AB…

new tvc!

Huhu I'm so happy to share that I have a TVC!

Okay, before you go looking for me in the ad, I do not appear in any scene but was its voice over lol. I usually record radio commercials so this is pretty special to me. Moreover, I love that it's an ad about a mommy and her son - reminds me of Sloan! - and that the copy is super witty. I actually LOLed when the producer showed it to me the first time, then would snicker while recording since it was being on played on the monitor to guide me in my cues.

It's now airing on local TV - which I don't get to watch a lot of because I'm at work most of the day. Thankfully, Monde Nissin has a YouTube account so I can share the TVC. Yey here it is!!!